Tiger Country Holland Lops


Sales transactions will be between adults. Youth should obtain their parents' permission to buy before contacting us. 

Show quality Holland Lops start at $50 and go up from there depending upon the age, show wins, parents, and value of respective rabbit.  Brood quality Hollands are usually priced at $40 . Pet quality Hollands are priced at $30 (no pedigree). Discounts available for 4-H members. Prices may be adjusted as animals mature. 

We accept cash, money orders, and cashier's checks.  We do not accept personal checks unless we know the buyer.

We will hold a rabbit if a down payment of at least 50% of the sale price is received within two weeks.  No rabbits will be released unless payment in full is received.

We do not ship rabbits.  Arrangements must be made to pick up any rabbits purchased at our residence or for delivery to a rabbit show we are attending.

We guarantee our rabbits to be in good health for 7 days following possession by the buyer.  However, we will not take responsibility for accidental injury or death, or inadequate care which leads to injury or death of the rabbit. 

We guarantee our rabbits to be free of recognized genetic defects or disqualifications at the time of sale unless rabbits are purchased with such defects or DQ's with the full knowledge of the buyer. 

We do not sell our rabbits to train dogs with, for meat, or for "magic shows."  

We do not guarantee that a rabbit purchased from us will win a class at a rabbit show or become a Grand Champion.  We also cannot guarantee that a rabbit will be a good breeder or mother, although they may have the genetic potential to do so.

We do not guarantee that a rabbit purchased from us will never bite, scratch or get sick.

We reserve the right not to sell and to cancel a sale at our discretion.

When inquiring about rabbits for sale by email, please list your first and last name, city and state, and tell us whether you are looking for pet quality, breeding stock, or show quality rabbits.